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Peace Deck

Peace Deck

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May your self-love and self-care practices level up with the Peace Deck! Know that you are worthy of every ounce of your peace right now. Not after you finish that task. Now. 

Filled with messages of self-love, empowerment, and rest, the Peace Deck will guide you to your joy. Let the cards lead you toward the peace and light that already exist  within you. 

44 Full Color Card Deck, 330 gsm 
Dimensions: 2.45" x 3.95" (62mm x 100mm)
Cards come in a custom printed tuck-box
One (1) Green Aventurine tumbled stone

Ways to use the cards: 

  • Draw a card daily. Explore a morning routine where you pull a card from the Peace Deck first thing to speak joy over your day.
  • Display a card. Post your affirmations upright with one of our card stands. This is a great method to ensure you don't forget your intention. 
  • Use a card as inspiration. Affirmation cards make great journaling/meditation prompts, as well as drawing prompts! Take time to explore the feelings that come up with each card.
  • Don't stop at one! Draw as many cards as you'd like. They are yours and you will always know how many cards is enough.

Included with every Peace Deck is one hand-selected tumbled Green Aventurine stone! Green Aventurine is commonly known as the "Stone of Opportunity." Representing your heart center, this stone will keep your heart open and ready to receive the abundance that is already yours! Green Aventurine helps its users harmonize with the Earth's soothing vibrations to bring emotional calm and well-being. A perfect companion for the Peace Deck :) Stones are cleansed before placed in orders.  

Original hand-painted designs and affirmations by me! Thanks to Kymbre Jones for the inspired card back and box designs!

The Peace Deck pairs well with the AYJ Gratitude Journal, as well as other types of decks and self-help tools. 

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