Mutual Aid

Affirm Your Joy has always been a community-based initiative. From the people who assist and support the development of the business to the people benefitting from its offerings, the focus is on communal care, healing, and liberation. Part of our process is first the acknowledgement that we all deserve those things. And if we all deserve healing and care, they must also be accessible. Joy is our birthright and AYJ hopes to see it realized for each one of us!

AYJ seeks to empower us all to get our hands dirty with our healing, but not break the bank to do so. It’s why we included offerings like the Choose-Your-Pay Gratitude Check-In digital download for those using their funds for immediate needs. Options also exist to donate Gratitude Journals for those who can/want to invest in the care of another. If you or someone you know is in need of a journal but don't currently have the resources, please contact me! 

We enjoy sharing resources with our community, too! When available, we like to support various local funds largely benefitting Black communities, as well as but not limited to Indigenous, POC, disabled, and LGBTQ+ communities. If there’s an area or fund you’d like to support but don’t see represented, please let me know! AYJ is not limited to non-profit giving. Sometimes we need to put resources directly in people’s hands to help out. We remain open to these opportunities, as well. 

Forever dreaming of new futures where we are all free to affirm our joy. 

Past Organizations/Individuals we have supported: 
 East Lubbock Art House 
 Charles Roundtree Bloom Project 
 Aamori Olujimi 

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