Mutual Aid

Here's the deal. I wanted to make a gratitude journal so I could help myself and others find a little mindfulness and joy in our day-to-day. I wanted to empower us all to get our hands dirty with our healing, but not break the bank to do so. I think the Affirm Your Joy Gratitude Journal and the BOGO listing for the journal help to ensure more people have access to a gratitude practice! If you or someone you know is in need of a journal but don't have the resources currently, please have them message me! 
AYJ is also pledging 10% of every purchase to be shared with various local funds largely benefitting Black communities, as well as but not limited to Indigenous, POC, disabled, and LGBTQ+ communities. In doing so, we not only spread access to personal healing, but communal healing, as well. Forever dreaming of new futures where we are all free to affirm our joy. 

You can check here each month to see the highlighted fund and what they're about! For February + March 2021 (Black History Month + Women's History Month), we will be sharing resources with: Aamori Olujimi! Aamori is a Black trans woman in the San Antonio, TX area. Help her secure a new vehicle, housing, financial independence + a more joyful life! 
 Transportation for Aamori. Aamori is a Black trans woman seeking your help. Aamori lost her car, her employment, and her financial independence. Please act now to help shift her life from park into drive.
Past Organizations
October 2020:  East Lubbock Art House (monetary)
November 2020: Charles Roundtree Bloom Project (monetary)
December 2020: Charles Roundtree Bloom Project (AYJ Gratitude Journals)
January 2021: East Lubbock Art House (monetary)