Our Story

Thanks for taking some time to explore Affirm Your Joy!

The AYJ shop is home to fun, creative, and interactive self-care tools to inspire joy-creation and wellness in your life! Add a lil somethin somethin to your Joy Toolkit to boost daily positivity and mindfulness. Check out our Toolkit Superstars

All designs are lovingly hand-illustrated, and some thoughtfully hand-crafted, by yours truly. 💛


Hey, I’m Cydnee! As someone who has lived through mental health struggles as well as studied them in holistic and academic settings, mental health advocacy is important to me! Everyone has mental health struggles from time to time. It’s perfectly normal. Affirm Your Joy was born out of personal challenges and helped bring me to a clearer understanding of myself (especially the gratitude journal) in a gentle, guided way. My hope is that AYJ offers you fresh and creative ways to engage in self-care that feel authentic, sustainable, and affordable no matter where you are on your wellness path! 

At the heart, Affirm Your Joy is a community building effort! We respect and honor that our communities are what truly cultivate our culture as well as our healing and liberation. Unfortunately, we know that not everyone has access to communal care, and personal wellness can be hard to come by alone. Click to read more about our Mutual Aid efforts and how we practice Sustainability to bring joy to all!


If you have any questions about my process or special orders, don’t hesitate to send an email to hello@affirmyourjoy.com. It's just me pulling all the levers and  flipping the switches back here, so your patience is appreciated :)


None of my self-help tools or artwork are intended to replace a therapeutic relationship or professional mental health care or treatment.