Our Story

Hey, I’m Cydnee! Thanks for taking some time to explore Affirm Your Joy! My whole life I’ve been passionate about healing + wellness. My offerings are heavily influenced by my training in Psychology + Counselor Education, art, massage therapy, yoga, and Women’s Studies! Please do note, I am not a licensed mental health professional. My top priority is to help you connect to yourself and the present moment through gratitude, mindfulness, + creativity. In this way, we may show up for ourselves and our communities with renewed perspectives. Thanks in advance for supporting this Black Woman-owned small business! 
AYJ is a community building effort! 10% of every purchase will be shared with various local funds largely benefitting Black communities, as well as but not limited to Indigenous, POC, disabled, and LGBTQ+ communities. If there’s an area or fund you’d like to support but don’t see represented, please let me know! AYJ is not limited to non-profit giving. Sometimes we need to put resources directly in people’s hands to help out. We will remain open to these opportunities, as well. 
AYJ proudly sources as many sustainable, recyclable, and/or reusable materials as possible for all its products! Please recycle and/or reuse pieces when done! You may receive your handmade goodies in re-used packaging - thanks in advance for helping us reuse materials! Sustainability is key. When the Earth is taken care of, so are we :) 
If you have any questions about my process or special orders, don’t hesitate to send an email to hello@affirmyourjoy.com or DM me on Instagram. It's just me pulling all the levers +  flipping the switches back here, so your patience is appreciated :)
None of my self-help tools or artwork are intended to replace a therapeutic relationship or professional mental health care or treatment.