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Affirm Your Joy exists to help you realize that ✨Joy Is Your Birthright✨ As in, specifically for YOU! It's not something you have to wait for someone else to give you, and it's definitely not something you have to earn. Check out some of our highly rated wellness tools to bring more joy into your life!

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Our Story

Cydnee, here! I’m the founder of AYJ and as someone who has lived through mental health struggles, as well as studied them in holistic and academic settings, mental health advocacy is important to me! I used to spend a lot of time hiding/burying my emotions because I didn't want people to think I was weak or in need of help. I lacked boundaries + was a people pleaser, thinking that it would get me to the life I wanted. And I was wrong, it got me the opposite 🙃 So when depression drove me into isolation, I found I barely knew how to make myself happy.

It wasn't until I took a shot in the dark + decided to start a daily gratitude journal with a cheap notebook from a dollar store, that I realized there was a lot more to celebrate than I previously let myself believe or bare witness to in my own life. I continued to fill that notebook until it was completely full. Looking back, I see that was one of the first moments I truly affirmed joy for myself. When I look on those pages I see things that still to this day make me happy. Lunches with friends, letting myself cry + then treating myself to a tea latte, midday naps, dance parties. I learned what sparked my joy. I learned to accept + love myself thru this process. And of course this is a lifelong journey where there are always new things to learn, but cultivating joy in the NOW is honestly my top priority b/c what is delayed joy? 🧐 Joy is yours by virtue of existing! 

Through the practice of gratitude + exploration of our creativity, we may learn the things that truly set our soul alight. The world will give us many challenges, and change is promised, but knowing yourself, loving yourself, and advocating for yourself will always be the clearest path to your joy ☀️

It’s my gift and honor to design each of the items in the AYJ shop for joy creation and the betterment of our communal wellness

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